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CubeX i7 gen10 256/8 Windows 10 Pro

מסך מחשב  "27 -ACER LED IPS

Microsoft  Desktop 850 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Bundle 3-in-1 CubeX i7 256/8 + 27 inch Screen + Keyboard Mouse

4,590.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
3,790.00 ₪מחיר מבצע
    •  for embedded applications, office work and will fulfill your current and future needs.

      Different configurations are available for the Cube X PC.

      The new Cube X series of Chip PC is a Mini PC with Intel processor of the 8th Gen. Cube X is featured with one of the 3 CPU’s: Intel i3 or Intel i5 or Intel i7. With a small form factor and many peripherals Cube X PC is also a silent computer.

      The Cube X PC is of small size. Cube X PC can be used in office, at home or at any location with small real estate. The device supports dual display via HDMI & Display Port, and comes with M.2 SSD.

      The Cube X PC model can be featured with an additional 2.5 SSD. Dual Monitor is included in the Cube X Pro Mini Computer.

      Basic configuration of the Cube X Pro is 256GB 8GB RAM, which can be upgradable to 2.5 SSD RAM with 32GB. Warranty of the Cube X Pro is 3 years.

      The Cube X Pro features 4 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 and Type-C.

      The Cube X Pro comes with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled.

      The Cube X PC is a Plug and Play Mini Computer, suitable to a very large number of applications

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